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"Dreaming Refuge"

Dreaming Refuge portraitPrésentation du livre (en anglais) de Angela McCabe

Le lundi 17 avril 2023 à 20h à Kagyu Samye Dzong Bruxelles

Angela McCabe is a student of Akong Rinpoche’s and lives in Ireland near the Jampa Ling centre of Panchen Rinpoche, a lifelong friend of Akong Rinpoche. Both Rinpoche’s advised her to do therapy work in Ireland, after having lived and worked in Samye Ling 1985-1991, then established The Natural Healing Centre beside Jampa Ling in Ireland and continued with her Mahamudra studies at Samye Ling.

Panchen Rinpoche is 83 now. Angela does fund raising for the Akong Rinpoche Memorial Foundation, for Jampa Ling and Tibetan Women in Exile. She has published her 7th book "Dreaming Refuge", a memoir dedicated to the great wisdom of Akong Rinpoche.

She will read from her book about experiences she had with Akong Rinpoche and living, studying and working at Samye Ling. An expression of her gratitude to Akong Rinpoche.


Dreaming Refuge front and back cover 1 1 23